Larry Paul's Hotel Database and Made in the Twentieth Century book

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THE HOTEL DATABASE is a 10-year, ongoing research project that details, when known, the following information for almost 25,000 hotels in the United States, spanning nearly 100 years:

Name - Location - Construction/Closure/Conversion/Destruction - Architect/Builder - Owner/Operators - Cost - Architectural Syle/Features/Additions - Floors/Rooms - Notes on China Service - Restaurants/Lounges/Coffee Shops/Ballroom

A primary source of research has been Hotel Red Books – from 1904 through 1969 – and in many ways the database can be thought of as the information from 65 years of HRBs compiled under one cover. Additional information, with sources, has been culled from all manner of postcards, brochures, newspapers and magazines and individual researchers.

Larry Paul Hotel Database